Friday, April 8, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from silly cat sweaters, from Barbies, and Pokemon.

I am from the house on the corner with
two trees in the front,
and a pool in the back.

I am from the butterfly bush, daffodils, musical grass,
apple tree surrounded with bees,
the flower that hosts my name,
and worms found on the driveway after the rain has stopped.

I am from cleaning your boots for Sankt Nikolaus
and I'm from people short in stature,
from Charlotte and David,
and Wirtzfeld, and Strome.

I am from the yearly trips to Florida,
and the painfully shared memories of stepping on run away lego pieces.
From "Look, you made a hole in the wall" to make us stop crying about running into something
and "I know you are but what am I?"

I am from Roman Catholic, and was baptized Lutheran, but never go to church.

I'm from Goderich, Ontario, and Germany,
buttered bread with chocolate sprinkles
and amazing homemade birthday cakes.

From the time my little brother actually did make a hole in the wall
and didn't believe my mom when she told him.
The way he laughed and cried at the circular crack in the drywall.
The way my dad panicked at my brothers safety
and after realizing he's fine, he panicked at the fresh hole in the wall.

I am from the boxes of photographs lost in my house,
only to be found again and spend hours over,
looking and laughing at the wonderful things
that happened when I was younger.


  1. Well done have created many meaningful images in your poem. I am thinking that you like writing poetry.

  2. Thanks. :)
    Yea, I like to write.